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Explore the charms of Richmond Hill in London

Richmond Hill is one of the most beautiful green spaces in London. Located in the small district in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames, this place is famous for having the best view in London. Apart from being a tourist attraction in itself, Richmond Hill is surrounded by a plethora of other attractions like Richmond Park, Wimbledon Common and other such tourist destinations.

If you are travelling to London this summer and want to move beyond Central London in your visit, Richmond Hill is the place to be. Book yourself an accommodation at one of the secret hotels in London and discover the charms of aesthetic country land during your London visit this year.

Richmond Hill

The most breathtaking view of London awaits you at the Richmond Hill. The terrace at the top of Richmond Hill gives a stunning view of the Thames Valley below. It is a hill that rises gently on its northern side creating a stunning bend. The terrace at the hill extends several hundred yards with many wooden benches aiding you in having an ethereal view of this country side. The view from the Richmond Hill offers a panoramic view of London, combining the magic of River Thames, royal parks and palaces.

The terrace at the Hill is not the only attraction point at this place. Some of the most beautiful gardens and country lands surround Richmond Hill making it a heaven for nature lovers.

View from the Richmond Hill

Attractions near Richmond Hill

Kew Gardens (Royal Botanical Garden)

Literally the spiritual home of botany in London, Kew Botanical Gardens is one of the most famous botanical gardens in the world. From the soothing leaves of British Woodland Gardens to the titillating humidity of exotic Palms, from divine Rose Gardens to the comforting tranquillity of the Waterlily House, Kew Gardens will enchant you like nothing else. There are over forty thousand plants resting within its confines. There are several other interesting buildings too, the prime one being the large glasshouse. In this glasshouse, you will find plants ranging from a few years old to several hundred years old tropical trees. This glasshouse even has the oldest pot-plant.

Among the other fascinating building at the Kew Gardens is the Pagoda. Built in 1762, this pagoda is around 50 metres tall and is an accurate imitation of Chinese pagodas.

Along with the garden and the Pagoda, this place also houses Kew Palace, a modest 400 year old palace. The palace is not as palatial as some of the other ones in London yet it is quite enthralling. In addition to this, Royal Kitchen at the Kew Garden has been opened for the visitors for the first time in over 200 years. You can visit the garden and can have a peek at the kitchen and the reasons for its closure.

Pagoda at the Kew Botanical Gardens

Wimbledon Common

If you have this ardent desire to plunge into the sea of calmness, then head towards Wimbledon Common. Around five miles away from Richmond Hill, this place is an oasis of greenery and tranquillity. It comprises over 460 hectares of countryside housing an astounding diversity of flora and fauna. Even if you are not a nature lover, this country side area will cast an unbreakable spell on you.

The most important attraction at this place is the Windmill and the Windmill museum. Constructed in the 18th century, this windmill is now dysfunctional with the accompanying building houses turned into museum. The museum holds exhibitions on rural life and local history. Furthermore, the museum has a display of scouting memorabilia.

If you feel hungry after the entire “walking” spree at this village, head towards restaurants and pubs that surround this natural heaven. Most of the bars and restaurants are 20 minutes away from the village.

Additionally, if you are travelling to London at the end of June, then you will have a golden chance of watching Wimbledon live. Played at the Centre Court in the Wimbledon Village (around 10 miles away from Richmond Hill), this two-week long tennis extravaganza is a “must-watch” for all the tennis lovers.

Richmond Park

Just 0.5 miles away from Richmond Hill is the largest royal park in London, Richmond Park. Covering almost 2,500 acres, this park is famous for housing a sense-fainting collection of wildlife, plants and woodlands. With thousand year old oak trees, rolling hills, royal fallow deer and burrowing rabbits, this park is literally the incarnated setting of Robin Hood’s tales. Isabella Plantation at this park should not be missed at any cost. Bursting with the massive mounds of azaleas, rhododendrons, camellias and magnolias, this area of the park is absolutely divine in setting.

Richmond Hill has so much to offer as a hidden tourist attraction in the city of London. When you visit the city, you have to catch a glimpse of the other hidden attractions on this website.

Author’s Bio: Divya is a passionate traveller who loves exploring hidden tourist attractions and writing about them.

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