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Must-See Stops for Anyone Travelling in Malaysia

If you’re more of a traveller than a holiday goer, then you already know that south-east Asia is an area of the world you need to see. In particular for backpackers, travelling in Malaysia is a paradise. It has everything you could hope to see and indulge. From the bustling lights of the city to places that are still more furtive and ripe for exploration. You even get the opportunity to get your hands dirty and help out.

1. Get ready to backpack

As said, Malaysia is a destination that you want to explore by feet. So you’re going to need to make sure you have everything ready in terms of backpacking inventory. Here, that means clothes that are both functional in the heat, but modest. As well as plenty of medical considerations.

2. See some of the world’s most beautiful animals

If you’re unaware of the fact that Malaysia is home to some gorgeous native species, then you’ll be blown away. From sun bears to tapirs, rhinos to panthers, it has a broad range of opportunities to see some truly wild animals up close. Opportunities to volunteer with orangutans even gives you the chance to get closer than you usually would.

3. Live the high life

Kuala Lumpur in MalaysiaImage Source

Of course, it’s worth a stop in some of the bigger, more civilized places, too. Kuala Lumpur might not be a backpacker’s paradise, but a city of this scope is impressive. Particularly seeing the Petronas Twin Towers up close. It can be easy to forget that you’re less than an hour’s drive from the density of the jungle.

4. Don’t ignore the beaches, either

If you want to travel along some of the most gorgeous coastal terrain, then starting off from Kota Kinabalu is what you want to do. Kick off from the market and get  a durian before taking a boat to Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park. If you want to go on your own you can, too – no need of a tour guide if you don’t want one.

5. Hitting the highlands

Do you want that travelling experience where you stand at the top of an expansive landscape, just inhale and take in some immense natural beauty? Then the shockingly green Cameron Highland District might be exactly what you’re looking for. Perfect for those looking to stretch their legs and climb. Even better, it offers the chance to visit several villages of Orang Asli, the original inhabitants of Malaysia.

6. Get involved in the culture, if you can

If you really want an experience of real Malaysian culture, then you have to visit the villages or small towns mentioned above. Make sure to check when some of their expressive festivals are happening. Chinese New Year and Wesak can be particularly good times of the year to get a taste of the celebrations.

Have you been to Malaysia? What are your travel tips? Let me know in the comments below.

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