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How To Survive A Long Flight In Economy Class

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Travelling a long distance using economy class is an option preferred by many for several reasons. It’s affordable, and while it can get tight, cramped, and noisy, it gets you to your destination safely. However, you might arrive extremely tired. In 2019, 78% of travellers flew economy to their destinations. Fortunately, there are some smart tips and tricks to help you make your next flight in economy class more comfortable. You might not be able to upgrade to first or business class, but here are a few things you can do to make travelling comfortable.

1. Prepare your in-flight entertainment

A good way to pass up a lot of time on your next long-haul flight is by having an excellent selection of entertainment. Some airlines have in-flight entertainment systems where you can watch the latest movies or documentaries and play video games. But beyond that, you can also have your form of entertainment. It could be a book you’ve meant to read or a selection of movies and TV shows on your mobile device. Sometimes, the in-flight entertainment systems can be boring, and in some cases, where your plane might have a couple of hanging screens, you would have no control over the content you watch. If you have a mobile device, you can download your favourite shows, games, books, and other forms of entertainment. You must only ensure that all your devices are fully powered up to last for a long trip. 

2. Sleep

If you’re blessed with the gift of being able to sleep anywhere, there’s no better time to use it than on a long-haul flight in the economy cabin. You will need a good neck pillow, an eye mask, and some noise-cancelling headphones if you can’t stand noise, and you’re good to go. Sleeping is probably the best way to pass a lot of the flight time, and it’s even better if you have an overnight flight. That way, you would arrive at your destination in the morning feeling refreshed, and your body clock will adjust faster. You can also take sleeping pills to help you fall asleep faster. Remember to keep your seatbelts fastened on even when you’re asleep. It might be a bit uncomfortable, but it will keep you safe, especially when the plane experiences turbulence. 

3. Upgrade your seats

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Sometimes, you can’t stand the idea of being in the economy cabin for a long-haul trip. If upgrading to higher classes might be too much on your finances, you can consider upgrading your seats. Many airlines like Tui offer premium economy services with slightly larger seats and more legroom. If you’re flying with Tui, you can opt for the Tui Dreamliner premium seats for your comfort. It might be only a few pounds extra, but it will be worth it, and you will be less tired when you arrive at your destination. When checking in, you can even try your luck and ask for an upgrade. It might be your lucky day. 

Flying economy class might not be the most comfortable, but it gets the job done. With these tips, you can have a more pleasurable and comfortable experience. 

Let me know in the comments, do you have any tips for long-haul flights?

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