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4 Sights You MUST See In Europe

I view Europe as a beautiful and intricate patchwork quilt. Each patch (or country) is very different from the next, but they are equally intriguing and inviting. To create a complete list of things that you must see and do in Europe would take a lifetime. So, I have come up with what I consider to be the 4 sights you MUST see in Europe. Take a look at this list and feel the wanderlust inside you grow!

1. The Northern Lights


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People always told me that seeing the Northern Lights with your own eyes is one of the most unforgettable and incredible experiences. I didn’t fully appreciate what they meant until I saw them myself. They are truly magnificent, and I would urge everyone to see this astounding natural light show! I saw the Northern Lights in Norway, but other top European destinations for sightings include Iceland, Finland and Sweden. The experience is made all the more memorable by the range of creative accommodation options, from glass-roofed igloos to traditional lavvo tents.

2. The Leaning Tower of Pisa


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Italy is absolutely packed full of must-see sights, but my favourite has to be the Leaning Tower of Pisa. The Tower is such an iconic structure that you will no doubt have seen it many times in pictures and films. Fortunately, that doesn’t take away from the magic and marvel when you see it for yourself. Surrounded by a large rectangular green space, there are plenty of opportunities to see the tilting Tower from every different angle. If the weather permits, visitors can climb to the top. Climbing on a slant does make you feel a little woozy but the view from the top makes it all worth it!

3. The Village of Rocamadour


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The Lot region of France has a huge number of amazing sights from caves to castles. However, it is the medieval village of Rocamadour that gets my vote for the must-see attraction in this area. I was stunned when I saw Rocamadour for the first time. Scaling the side of a cliff, it is beautiful, romantic and dramatic all at once. An important pilgrimage destination, the village is steeped in religious history. If you can’t manage the steep climb to the Chapelle Notre Dame, there is a cute little bus that takes you most of the way to the top. Inside the Chapelle, you’ll see the famous Black Madonna, which is a must-see.

4. The Berlin Wall


Image from Flickr

Berlin is a fantastic city, full of interesting sights and attractions. However, a visit to the capital city of Germany wouldn’t be complete without seeing what remains of the Berlin Wall. The most interesting part of the wall today is the East Side Gallery, due to the many murals, both old and new, left by international artists. If you want to soak up as much information on the Wall’s past, present and future as possible, I would recommend an organised walking or bicycle tour.

These have just been a few of my MUST see sights of Europe. What are your top European sights?

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